1) Booking deadline – How long can I wait before I book the SWS?

We would highly recommend booking our Student Welcome Service as soon as you know your OeAD-housing and your flight number, thus the earlier the better.

Nevertheless, the ultimate deadline for booking the SWS is 7 days before your arrival. Booking must be effected by then, otherwise our system wont let you through, as we need some time to prepare our unique service for you.

2) Moving in - When can I move in to my room?

Please carefully check your booking confirmation from the OeAD-Housing Office, to make sure that your lease has already started, when you arrive in Vienna.

3) Meeting point – Where will I find iHouse at the airport?

On your arrival at the Vienna International Airport you will enter the luggage claim to pick up your belongings. In case you only travel with carry on luggage, you will enter the luggage claim as well.

When you leave the baggage claim, turn to the left and head 20 meters straight ahead. Take a close look at the following PDF to see the whole process:

How to find us at the airport

4) Facebook group – How can I find it?

Arriving in a new city is easier when you already have a network of friends to rely on. Therefore, we created a secret iHouse facebook group for the spring semester 2013, allowing you to get to know other International Students coming to Vienna at the same time.

Only members of the iHouse community get accepted to the group and you will receive the link to the group in your confirmation mail.

5) Flight changes - What can I do if my flight dates change?

To arrange precise meetings times, we need to know your flight number, so we can track it online. In case that you will change your flight, hence your arrival time in Vienna, please let us know via email until 7 days before arrival.

6) Delayed flight – What can I do if my flight is delayed?

No worries, you don’t have to do anything. As we track your flight number, we can track any changes in your arrival time online and will meet you at the same meeting point, whenever your plain is going to arrive.

7) Where can I pick up my key in Vienna?

Your key will be waiting for you in the Burggasse located in the 7th district. The exact address will be sent out by email.

8) What is the Personal Assistant for?

The PA exists to support you with pre-arrival questions and will meet you on your way to the dorm to make the moving-in day more convenient. His main job is to assist you through the different registration processes in Vienna by translating, supporting and knowing what and where to get everything done. With the PA we want you to get settled as soon as possible in Vienna and to get all the administrative things out of your way. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything, safe time, energy and start doing what you want to.

a) Questions before your arrival:
Your PA will get in contact with you two weeks before your arrival. If there is anything you want to know or you are unsure about before coming to Vienna, let him know.

b) Moving into your Dorm:
Your PA will be meeting you on your way to your dorm and will help you with your luggage and finding your room and everything else in the dorm. There is an inventory list his going to go threw with you.

c) Housing Office Registration:
On the first working day after your arrival your PA will accompany you to the housing office, where you have to sign your leasing contract and get the official stamp on your “Meldezettel”.

d) Municipal Office Registration
With the stamp on your Meldezettel the PA will accompany you to the relevant authority and help you to obtain your registration certificate. Everyone living in Austria is required to register their new place of residence within three days.

e) University Registration
Next you will have to enroll at your university. Your PA will assist you with this process so you can begin your studies as soon as possible. He will also help you to enroll on any preparatory courses if required. (e.g. a German course).

f) Organizing ticket for public transportation
Your confirmations of enrolment at university, as well as your registration certificate are necessary to apply for your student travel card. The card is valid on all forms of public transport in Vienna (underground, tram, bus and rapid transit rail services). It is valid for a university semester (five months) and costs Euro 75.

h) Health insurance process
Non EU/EWR Students are required by law to take out personal health insurance at the designated insurance authority. In order to do this, you will need your confirmation of enrolment at university, as well as your passport. This health insurance is required for the issue of your residence permit by Municipal Department 35 (MA 35) of the City of Vienna. The PA will accompany you to the health insurance authority to assist you with all aspects of the process. Students from a EU/EWR country need to apply for the EHIC-Karte before they come to Vienna (European Health Insurance Card).

g) Collecting your residence permit (Visa)
Once you have completed all of the steps outlined above, you then have to obtain your student residence permit from MA 35 (Only if you are staying longer than 3 month in Austria or to pick up your Visa). Your PA will accompany you to the MA 35 office to help you complete this process.

i) Banc Account and Phone plan
For longer stays in Austria we recommend you to open a bank account for paying your rent and you can also use the debit-card with quick function to use the laundry machine in your dorm. It is also important to stay connected and be available so you should get a phone plan as well. Your PA will find the best deal for your needs and will assist you during the process.